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What Are Essential Oils?

From the beginning of recorded time, essential oils have been used world wide by many cultures for their  healing, preserving, and fragrance properties.  These essences of  plants and herbs are now being re-examined with intense scrutiny by modern science. Evidence has shown that essential oils have great promise for healing the body and the soul.

When plants and herbs are distilled down to their very essence, the essential oil is what remains.  This oil is not an oily fat like olive oil, or coconut oil. In fact, essential oils are referred to as an “oil” simply because they are not soluble in water. Many essential oils are very very thin and actually much lighter than water.  The fragrance of the plant that is used for a particular essential oil remains strong and pure and because of this fragrance, essential oils became the first perfumes. Because of their preservation, antibacterial, anti fungal properties they were the first medicines too.

Essential oils are considered “volatile” oils because of their evaporation factor. They evaporate readily and release their essence of heavenly fragrance as they do so.

Benefits of Essential Oils

While simply inhaling the fragrance of essential oils can play a part in moods, memory, and emotions, new health benefits from essentials oils are being discovered  every day. Mainstream medical science is conducting and testing essential oils as possible cures for everything from indigestion to the flu to cancer. Did you know that one of the active ingredients in Tamiflu is an essential oil? Yep, Star Anise essential oil. At one time over 90% of the Star Anise essential oil supply was used to produce Tamiflu. Every active ingredient listed on the Listerine bottle is an essential oil. Studies are increasing at a fast pace. To get an idea of how vast the ongoing studies are, just check the National Institute of Health PUB MED Website  Enter any essential oil in the search box, and you can see all studies being conducted at the NIH.

Using Essential Oils


One of the most popular ways to use essential oils is by diffusing them into the air with a ultrasonic diffuser.  Diffusers will create a mist of the water you add and the essential oil you choose spreading fragrance and benefit through your air.  Its truly amazing how the aromoa of just a few drops of essential oil in a diffuser can permeate your entire environment with a lovely fresh fragrence. Why would anyone use chemical air fresheners  when a simple diffuser can do the job so  much better?

With essential oils a little goes a long long way and can have many health benefits.  Many essential oils are known for their antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Diffusing them in the air can naturally disinfect and cleanse the air around you.  As they do so, the properties of the essential oil you are using can serve to soothe tension, promote relaxation and sleep, stimulate and in vigor and improve mental alertness.  Try peppermint essential oil for cleansing and energy,  lavender essential oil, for relaxation and stress relief, lemon essential oil to improve mood and frankincense for meditation and enlightenment.   All are perfect oils for diffusion.


There are many ways to use essential oils topically, but care must be used when choosing how to use an essential oil on the skin.  Your skin is your largest organ.  Essential oils readily penetrate through the dermis and practitioners often use topical application of essential oil to deliver healing benefits inside the body.  It is always a good idea to use a “carrier” oil when using essential oils on the skin. A carrier oil is a fatty oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, hemp oil and others. Carrier oils dilute the essential oil as it’s applied so that one can test their tolerance for that particular oil.   If you search for info on using essential oils on the skin, you’ll find much conflicting information.  Some will say a particular oil is “safe to use full strength” and someone else will say that same particular oil “caused blistering and irritation”.  The point is that everyone’s skin is different. Our advise? Start with a carrier oil and get advice from a licensed practitioner!

That being said many benefits are to be had using the right essential oil.  Lavender is known for it’s anti aging and moisturizing effect when used with coconut oil.  You can feel how it changes the texture of the coconut oil when you add even a single drop or two to a tablespoon of coconut oil you are using on your skin.  The oil flows readily and penetrates deeply. Frankincense also is wonderful to use this way.

Topical use of essential oils will be covered completely as we introduce our favorites and discuss the properties of each.  The thing to remember is that essential oils are very strong.  Each has it’s own properties. It’s important to learn these properties in order to take advantage of the benefits but with knowledge of possible interactions. There is much evidence that supports the topical use of essential oils for pain relief, relaxation, antibacterial and anti-fungal action, anti cancer benefits, anti aging, general health and well-being.


If you are tired of using questionable chemicals in home cleaning products, using essential oils can provide healthy alternatives. The move is on for many to make their own cleaning products that are just as effective as mass produced products with long lists of chemicals.  Natural and safe cleaning products can be made so simply at home with just a few ingredients. Some examples include:

  • Use in the Laundry for fresh fragrance
  • Use in the fridge and microwave
  • Use on surfaces
  • Brighten Stainless Steel
  • Deodorize shoes
  • Keep bugs at bay
  • As a degreaser
  • As a bathroom cleanser and sanitizer

 Essential oils can be used in home-made soaps, shampoos and lotions too!  We will be discussing a lot about home made brews that will use essential oils both as fragrance or as the working part of various home solutions.  Be on the lookout for some suggestions for cleaning products made with essential oils in our blog!

Internal Use of Essential Oils

While many sites promote the use of essential oils internally and there are documented health reasons to use them in this manner, Holy Trinity strongly recommends that you consult with a knowledgeable expert before taking any essential oils internally. Essential oils can be dangerous if taken improperly and can cause mouth, throat, esophageal, and stomach issues. Oral dosing with essential oils increases the possibility of drug interactions as well. Overdosing can kill you. Some essential oils are downright poisonous! Do your research!

Esssential oils by their nature are extremely concentrated! It takes 15 pounds of peppermint leaves to create 1 ounce of essential oil! Get your advice from aromatherapy experts or medical professionals .. not sellers of Essential oils!

Essential oils should be kept out of reach of children. They should not be used while pregnant or nursing. Research Research Research!