Top Three? Not Happening!

In the beginning our thoughts were to offer the Top Three, the “Holy Trinity” of essential oils.  This, quite frankly, proved impossible. There are too many oils with too many varying benefits to choose only three!  Why? Because everyone has their own preference of a top 3. So, with that in mind,  not only do we offer many single oils, we also offer sets of three, with an attractive natural stand,  that will give anyone wanting to experiment and enjoy the power of essential oils, a choice from the most popular, most therapeutic, most useful and most healing essential oils.

Our Quality Statement

A word about quality.  It’s very important to us that Holy Trinity Essential oils are only the best, the most pure, essential oils.  Our oils are harvested and sourced throughout the world. Many oils are wild harvested, as opposed to harvesting from cultured plantings. Wherever our oils are sourced, we make sure that fair trade practices are in place. All of our oils are all tested for purity, They are therapeutic grade and ready for your use. Unless we specifically mention another ingredient, you are getting 100% pure essential oil.

But if we had to choose.. Could it be these three…?

We probably wont get many arguments that these three oils: Frankincense, Lavender and Peppermint ARE major players in most essential oil collections.  Frankincense essential oil  was the gift from the Magi to the Christ child along with Myrrh (another essential oil) and gold. Frankincense was in such demand at this time that entire trade routes were established to satisfy the demand of this valuable healing oil.  Lavender invokes calm, serenity, pain relief and is a great emollient for skin when used with carrier oils.  Peppermint has so many health and household uses, it’s hard to count them all!. But what about Lemon essential oil? What about eucalyptus? Those are hard to exclude!  There are over 90 essential oils. Drilling down to the top three isn’t easy!  If asked, what would be your choice as the Holy Trinity of Essential oils?  Check out some contenders below:



Our Essential Oils Based on Popularity

Below, see some of our true favorite essential oils.  All of these should have a space in your home.  Not only are there health benefits, some of the oils below have fantastic household uses as well.  Scroll through and see which ones you cant live without!


Frankincense.  It is hard to imagine a top three without this essential oil.  Did you know that early trade routes and cities were literally built for trade in Frankincense? It has been used for centuries in medicine and “new” discoveries  of the health benefits of Frankincense are being made every day. It truly is a divine essential oil.

Frankincense comes from trees of the Burseraceae family.  The subspecies is Boswellia  Our Frankincense is Boswellia serrata  from India. There are several other Frankincense essential oils from other subspecies depending on where they grow.  Frankincense trees grow in dry mountainous regions of India, the Middle East and Africa.

Frankincense studies abound due to the many testimonials of it’s cancer cures and there are documented studies of it’s atypical (cancer) cell killing properties. It is also known as an anti-aging oil and promotes healthy cell regeneration. It’s great for scars, stretch marks and more. Adding Frankincense to your favorite lotion or coconut, hemp carreir oils changes the whole feel of the oil.

Frankincense also appears to inhibit enzymes that cause inflammation, thus can be helpful for those with arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. Like most essential oils, Frankincense is absorbed readily through the skin.  Because of this, pregnant and nursing women should avoid.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon.  The scent of lemon essential oil is amazing. It literally pierces through bad thoughts and emotions, cleanses the air around you, and provides a  burst of sunshine in your life.  For health and for household, lemon essential oil is a true must have!  There are hundreds of scientific studies being conducted on Lemon Essential oil due to it’s anti-microbial, anti fungal and even anti-viral qualities.

Lemon essential oil is known for stimulating, calming, carminative, anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, and antifungal properties.  It’s been discovered that Lemon essential oil can be used as a preservative and protector of soft fruits like berries.  As an astringent it is useful for acne, in hair products it  can eliminate dandruff and leaves hair shiny and healthy.   Want a great cleaner that is fantastic in the kitchen and bathroom for cleaning and sanitizing? Lemon essential oil  will make stainless steel, and glass gleam, disinfect cutting boards, counter tops and more. We are working on publishing our top secret (till now) recipes for using Lemon Essential Oil for household tasks.  Stay tuned!





For many, lavender is their go-to essential oil.  Testimony reveals that people use Lavender Oil for it’s calming effect and many claim Lavender has been a miracle cure for their insomnia. This by simply applying to the soles of the feet at night!  The benefits of lavender for the skin are well documented. It has skin healing properties and is also known as immune system enhancer.  People find that lavender relieves stings from insect bites, the pain of arthritis, helps heal minor burns,and can be an effective insect repellent when mixed with carrier oils or witch hazel.

As health care practitioners become more aware of essential oils and their potential for anxiety relief, some hospitals use aromatherapy to reduce the stress, anxiety, nausea and even pain. Lavender is a favorite and patients report decreased pain, anxiety, and nervousness when Lavender is being diffused in their area.

As with many essential oils, Lavender also has anti bacterial, anti fungal and Anti viral properties. It should be mentioned that Lavender Essential oil should never be taken orally.  it is for topical and aromatherapy use only. As with all essential oils, if pregnant or nursing, do not use.




Peppermint essential oil is definitely one of our most popular and one of our favorite essential oils. The peppermint plant is a crossbreed plant between spearmint and water mint.  It hails from Europe  and has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Peppermint is one essential oil with many documented studies of its effectiveness an health benefits.  It is found in many over the counter medications and is known for its positive effects on the GI tract.  Peppermint oil can relieve headaches, is anti inflammatory, and anti nausea.  It revives the mind by increasing circulation and can stimulate thought process.

Because of the menthol component in Peppermint, it has a cooling nature, making it useful for sprains and sports injuries. It’s also popular in hair care and lotions. If you want to make your own lotions or hair care, you’ll want to have some peppermint oil on hand!

It blends nicely with other essential oils like eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary for diffusing.  We like combining 20 drops in 2oz of witch hazel for a cooling astringent spray that incidentally, bugs hate.  Keeping a bottle of our peppermint spritz around while your outside works great as a repellent.  You can spray it on your body, and into the air. If you get bit.. you can spray it right on your insect bite for cooling immediate relief!